War on Drugs US Military Operations


Operation Cooperation
Operation Pipeline
Operation Baywatch
Operation Charlie T
Operation Jetway
Operation Convoy
Operation Winter Night
Operation Stopgap
Operation Trizo
Operation Banco
Operation Boomer
Operation Banshee
Operation Hell Flower
Operation Steeple
Operation Verde Mar
Operation Greenback
Operation Raccoon


Operation Swordfish
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Condor
Operation Grouper / Tiburon
Operation Wing 6
Operation Hunter
Operation Bahamas, Turks and Caicos (BAT)
Operation Blue Lightning
Operation C-Note
Operation Hat Trick
Operation Chemcon
Operation Hat Trick II
Operation Leyenda
Operation Blue Fire
Operation C-Chase
Operation Blast Furnace (Annex III)
Operation Calico
Operation Autumn Harvest
Operation Caribbean Cruise
Operation Rum Punch
Operation Tranquilandia
Operation Padrino (Godfather)
Operation Snowcap
Operation Bushmaster
Operation Purple Storm
Operation Sand Flea
Operation Nimrod Dancer
Operation Acid Gambit
Operation Just Cause
Operation Nifty Package
Operation Renacer Prison
Operation Promote Liberty
Operation Wipeout
Operation Heavy Shadow
Operation Fountainhead
Operation Mars
Operation Screamer
Operation Tandem
Operation Thai-In
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Trinity
Operation Tiger Trap
Operation Coronet Nighthawk
Operation Alliance
Operation Screaming Eagle
Operation Primavera
Operation Jalisco
Operation Agate Path
Operation Green Merchant


Operation Green Ice
Operation Green Ice II
Operation Green Sweep
Operation Ghost Dancer
Operation Blockade
Operation Clean Hand
Operation Hold the Line
Operation Gatekeeper
Operation Safegaurd
Operation College Farm
Operation Blue Thunder
Operation Panama Express
Operation Selva Verde
Operation Hardline
Operation Gateway
Operation Emerald
Operation Vanguard
Operation Casablanca
Operation Coronet Oak
Operation Millennium
Operation Juno
Operation Cornerstone
Operation Desert Stop
Operation Dignity
Operation Frontier Lance
Operation Air Bridge Denial
Operation Frontier Shield
Operation New Frontier
Operation Caper Focus
Operation Carib Shield
Operation Hourglass
Operation Gulf Shield
Operation Border Shield
Operation Steel Web
Operation Steel Vise
Operation Steel Gauntlet
Operation Gateway Sea
Operation Global Sea
Operation Offsides
Operation Top Spin
Operation Reciprocity
Operation Tiger Trip
Operation Wipeout
Operation Zorro
Operation Zorro II
Operation Ramp Rats
Operation Limelight
Operation META
Operation Foxhunt
Operation Dinero
Operation Laser Strike
Operation Pajarito
Operation Plan Dignidad
Operation Sky Web
Operation North Star
Operation Ghost Zone
Operation Crack Shot
Operation Border Exchange
Operation West Star
Operation Red River
Operation Plan Colombia (Andean Initiative)
Operation Royal Flush
Operation Impunity


Operation Impunity II
Operation Mountain Express
Operation Red Tide
Operation Tarpit
Operation Liberator
Operation Green Air
Operation New Generation
Operation Conquistador
Operation Columbus
Operation Journey
Operation Crossroads II
Operation Triple X
Operation Creole
Operation Black Ice
Operation Plan Patriota (Patriot Plan)
Operation JM
Operation Marquis
Operation Sanctuary
Operation White Horse
Operation Green Clover
Operation Rave
Operation Rave II
Operation Southern Bridge
Operation Mountain Express III
Operation Webslinger
Operation Trifecta
Operation Pipe Dreams
Operation Northern Star
Operation Deja Vu
Operation Headstrong
Operation Money Clip
Operation Streamline
Operation United Eagles
Operation Candy Box
Operation Puma
Operation Raw Deal
Operation Gear Grinder
Operation Falcon
Operation Mallorca
Operation Cali Exchange
Operation Cyberchase
Operation High Step
Operation Northern Impact
Operation Motor City Mafia
Operation Sweet Tooth
Operation Three Hour Tour
Operation Black Gold Rush
Operation Somalia Express
Operation Bronx Tale
Operation Triple Play
Operation Double Identity
Operation Twin Oceans
Operation Liquid Heroin
Operation Wasteland
Operation Omnipresence
Operation Caribbe
Operation Michoacán
Operation Eliminación
Operation Wide Receiver
Operation Achilles
Operation Community Shield
Operation Jacket Racket
Operation Lastay Kulang (Pickaxe Handle)
Operation Red Dragon
Operation Mar Kardad‎ (Snakepit)
Operation Sudden Fall
Operation Azada Wosa (Live Free)
Operation Solare (Project Reckoning)
Operation Jaque / Willing Spirit
Operation Sinaloa
Operation Diesel
Operation Godfather
Operation Fast and Furious
Operation Khanjar (Strike of the Sword)
Operation Eastern Resolve II
Operation Cut Throat
Operation Master Blaster
Operation Backstop
Operation Tienda Hielo
Operation Director's Cut
Operation Pisces
Operation Cashweb Expressway
Operation Shadow Game
Operation Simeón
Operation King & His Court
Operation GhostRider
Operation Wild Kingdom
Operation Blackjack
Operation OO
Operation Hip Hop
Operation Magnum Force
Operation Durex
Operation Jump Start
Operation El Barrio
Operation Crescent Moon
Operation Crackdown
Operation Trifecta
Operation Double Trouble
Operation Los Greenes
Operation Santa Isabel
Operation Perfect Storm
Operation Face Off
Operation Sanctuary
Operation Marquis
Operation Journey
Operation Xcellerator
Operation O-Skillet
Operation Codi
Project Prism: Operation Crystal Flow
Project Prism: Operation Ice Block
Project Prism: Operation Pila
Operation Baja Oleada (Wave)
Operation Gulf Watch
Operation Tijuana (Baja California)
Operation Treasure Chest


Operation Buckstop
Operation Cashnet
Operation Stonegarden
Operation Streamline
Operation Texas Hold 'Em
Operation Detour
Operation Baja Tempestad (Storm)
Operation Blue Tempest
Project Prism: Operation PAAD
Project Prism: Operation EPIG
Operation Moshtarak (Together)
Operation Martillo (Hammer)
Operation Grizzly
Operation Steel Dawn
Operation Steel Dawn II
Operation Daas Zeer Zamin
Operation Double Check
Operation Helmand Surprise
Operation Helmand Spider
Operation 601 Cougar
Operation Northern Lion
Operation Albatros
Operation Gargoyle
Operation Black Swan
Operation Adam Bomb
Operation Crystal Light
Operation Knight Stalker
Operation Log Jam
Operation Eastern Storm
Operation Eastern Storm II
Operation Bambarac
Operation Big Valley
Operation Black Dawn
Operation Psarlay Taba
Operation Lost Package
Operation Patria
Operation Pill Nation
Operation Roman Empire
Operation Snake Oil
Operation Fire and Ice
Operation Delirium
Operation Pill Nation II
Operation Deliverance
Operation Heavy Cargo
Operation Coronado
Operation Reckoning II
Operation Raw Deal
Operation Imperial Emperor
Operation Imperial Emperor II
Operation Puma
Operation Jacket Racket
Operation Red Dragon
Operation Spiderweb
Operation Seven Trumpets
Operation Under the Sea
Operation Polar Cap
Operation SOS
Operation Landslide
Operation Fuente
Operation Ivory Triangle
Operation Anvil
Operation Black Diamond
Operation White Swan
Operation Baja California
Operation Nuevo León-Tamaulipas
Operation Guerrero
Operation Chihuahua
Operation Quintana Roo
Operation Phalanx
Operation Southern Tempest
Operation Lince Norte (Lynx North)
Operation Escorpión (Scorpion)
Operation Laguna Segura
Operation Safe Veracruz
Operation Golden Shillelagh
Operation Apache Snow II
Operation Master Blaster
Operation Western Storm
Operation Oasis
Operation Cobra’s Anger
Operation Thresher
Operation Mako
Operation Omid Haft (Hope Seven)
Operation New Dawn
Operation Eagle Hunt
Operation Lion Fish
Operation New Hope
Operation Shahem Tofan (Eagle Storm)
Operation Tageer Shamal (Shifting Winds)
Operation Winter Offensive
Operation Atash-Qalb (Heart)
Operation Stone Pillar
Operation Tor Shezada (Black Prince)
Operation Volcano
Operation Cyclone
Operation Safe San Luis Potosi
Operation Neza
Operation Blue Storm
Operation Kruz Control
Operation Terminus
Operation Bishop
Operation Coyote
Operation Wildfire
Operation Diablo Express
Operation Shadowfire
Operation Freedom's Sentinel
Operation Resolute Support
Operation Jagged Knife
Operation Iron Tempest


Operation Titan Fall
Operation Chain Breaker
Operation Martillo (Hammer)

The War on Drugs is ongoing and predominantly covert.
This page will be updated as declassification continues.

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